Denim Day Paint Night and Demin Day

Denim Day April 29

Every year, on the first Wednesday in April,  Denim Day Paint Night is held in support of victims of sexual assault.  It will be held at Scenic View Country Club, 4415 Club Dr. Slinger This event supports survivors and helps educate our community about sexual assault. Denim Day came from an event that happened in Italy, in 1998. A young female was forcibly raped by her driving instructor. The perpetrator was convicted but the verdict was overturned since the judge ruled that he could not have gotten the victims tight jeans off without her assistance. Since she assisted him, he ruled that it was consensual sex. This did not count as rape. In solidarity, women in the Italian Parliament all wore jeans to work to protest this ruling. Denim Day was created based on this act and has been in effect for over 30 years.

Denim Day is always the last Wednesday of April. This year, it is April 29th. In our efforts to raise awareness, we want to raise funds in order to support those who have suffered from sexual violence, as well as to increase the education on how to handle and prevent sexual violence. Money for educational classes and certifications for the SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) nurses is collected and will be made available for the nurses at Aurora Medical Center Hartford and the Froedtert St. Joseph Hospital in West Bend. The Medical Center Foundation of Hartford is taking part in this campaign to support those who work with victims and those who suffer from sexual violence.

Local businesses in the community will have specially made Denim Day boards that contain more information about the event and the work that is done with the money raised to help educate our SANE nurses in Hartford and West Bend.

To register email: [email protected] or call Deb at 262-670-7568 Please consider donating at the link.