Our Story

It has been said, “We have to know where we have been, so that we know where we are going.” This, too, is true in the history of institutions. The “roots” of Aurora Medical Center in Washington County go back 350 years from a dilapidated building situated between the Church of St. Thomas and the river Loire, in the city of La Fleche, France.

In 1636, the hospital of La Fleche was named Hotel de la Fleche, and in November 1643, the religious community of the Hospitallers of St. Joseph was formed. The congregation grew, along with their reputation for care of the sick. Oldest Hospital Picture

It was a giant step from 1636 to 1926 when Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph, based in Ontario, Canada, accepted the invitation of the citizens of Hartford, Wisconsin, to assume the operation of their little hospital.

    • 1926- Hartford General Hospital sold to the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph and was renamed St. Joseph’s Hospital in honor of the patron saint of the order.
    • 1929- An addition allowed the hospital to accommodate 50 patients.
    • 1958- Another addition funded by the Hospitallers brought capacity up to 62 patients.
    • 1970- The hospital was turned over to the community of Hartford and renamed Hartford Memorial Hospital.

Today, we continue to commit to our values and build on our successes. We provide services and programs that contribute to the health and vitality of the community. Our purpose is to encourage and educate members of our community that working together, we impact lives. We do this by raising funds for new and existing programs and needed services, which benefit the communities we serve.