Deb Holtan

Executive Director for the Foundation

 Deb Holtan is the Executive Director for The MCF of Hartford.  She joined the Foundation in 2013.  Her background is in education and in optometry.  She is married and has 3 children and a dog named Dixie.  For years Deb has worked with a variety of people who taught her how to serve others.   “I have had a number of jobs that prepared me for this position. Understanding the need to build a relationship and trust are vital in fundraising.  I am very blessed to work with a group of board members who are totally committed to serving others. To lead you need to serve. This Foundation serves.  I love my job.”  Deb admits there are some days that are longer than others.  She continues to believe that nothing happens by accident and the existence of this community foundation is because of God and the people he motivates to help others.   In her free time Deb loves to take long walks, ski, thrift shop and travel.  Her favorite program is the Adult Day Care- 1022 Club.