Scott Kirkendall

Scott Kirkendall is a new board member. He works locally for Broan as Global Vice President Sales.  Scott is excited to join the MCF of Hartford Board and continue contributing in a positive manner to the local community.  His attitude towards working with others is evident in his commitment to serve.  “As a company, Broan is committed to exceeding expectations – both internally and externally – and those expectations are reflected in the attitude and willingness of our employees to serve the communities in which we live.”  This complements his willingness to get involved with the MCF of Hartford in serving the community. Scott’s expertise in the corporate world translates well in working with board members and the community.  He is a terrific addition to the board and he has a vision for the Foundation’s future in networking with the resources in our community.  Scott enjoys spending time with his family and friend, recreational activities, and traveling.  His favorite Foundation program is the Adult Day Care -1022 Club because he sees the need to support families caring for their loved ones.